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Peli 1560 Case

Peli 1560 Case


Internal (mm)

Lid Depth51
Base Depth178

External (mm)


Weight & Capacity

Weight, Empty7.71 kg
Weight, inc. Foam9.07 kg
Buoyancy Max52.2 kg
Range Temp



The Peli 1560 Case supplied by Peli Cases UK provides the ultimate in a complete protection solution for your equipment. Its virtually unbreakable properties are thanks to its super-tough copolymer polypropylene construction, making sure the case is crushproof and corrosion-proof again any impacts or foreign substances. Its highly reliable seal is activated using a neoprene O-ring that works perfectly with the double-throw latch system that holds the unit watertight and securely together. This unit provides a waterproof system like no other and is rivalled by many of its competitors, the automatic purge valve maintains pressure equalisation with the environment whilst maintaining the superior waterproof properties. This valve ensures that the contents of the case is not abruptly ejected during opening and prevents damage to valuable equipment. The stainless-steel padlock protectors deter any unwanted intruders from accessing your valuables and prevents the contents from theft.

The Peli UK 1560 Case additionally incorporates extremely durable ball bearing, abrasion-resistant polyurethane wheels to provide its user with supreme manoeuvrability whilst travelling around the world. As well as this, a retractable and extendable handle is on hand for hassle-free pulling that is activated using an effortless flick of its release latch. The ergonomically designed over-moulded rubber front and side handles ensure comfortable lifting of the case without leaving any painful markings on the palms of your hands.

Key features:

  • Super-tough copolymer polypropylene construction
  • Neoprene O-ring that works perfectly with the double-throw latch system, ensuring a tight waterproof seal
  • Automatic purge valve maintains pressure equalisation
  • Extremely durable ball bearing, abrasion resistant polyurethane wheels
  • Retractable and extendable handle is on hand for hassle-free pulling

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