Peli 2350 LED Torch

Peli 2350 LED Torch

SKU: 2350

A small, high performance LED torch with an aerospace grade aluminium body. The 2350 has three modes: high, strobe and low.

Get a grip on LED performance. The Peli 2350 LED torch emits up to 178 lumens of concentrated light. Powered by one AA alkaline battery, it's one of the brightest torches in its class. At only 4.23", you'll always want the Peli 2350 LED torch in your pocket.

Its small size does not reflect it performance or features. The 2350 provides three modes, High / Strobe / Low. Additionally, it is programmable allowing the end user to select from four different programs.

The Peli 2350 LED torch: Small size. Large Performance.

Battery Type AA
Battery Amount 1
Batteries included Yes
Light Source LED
Light Modes Spotlight, Strobe
Power Modes Low, High
Light Colour(s) White
IP Rating X7
Length (mm) 107
Weight (kg) 0.1
Lumens (Low) 15
Lumens (High) 178
Beam Distance (Low) 37
Beam Distance (High) 130
Beam Intensity (Low) 345
Beam Intensity (High) 4196
Run Time (Low) 21
Run Time (High) 2.25